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    This music/artist identifier app is on the iphone and I'd like to see it on the pre, so lets get some pressure on the developer!

    google midomi because I can't post links yet
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    I mean really. Even the less advanced phones (non smartphones) are able to get this app.
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    Did you know I can also annoy you on twitter? @mikevember
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    Disclaimer: I'm not a developer, (though I'm trying to learn.) As I understand it, apps like this were impossible in WebOS 1.x because apps weren't allowed to access the mic. Supposedly WebOS 2 has a mic API that will allow for stuff like this.
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    Reviving this relic of a topic I emailed Midomi afew days ago about the posibility of a SoundHound app for WebOS and think I made a convising plea it would be worth there time and I got this positive responce:
    Thank you for being a part of the SoundHound community! Unfortunately, we c
    urrently do not have a compatible version for WebOS, though we hope to have
    one the future. Would you like to be notified when this is available? If s
    o, please let me know. In the meantime, you can use our search feature on t
    he web at *link that i cant post yet * or else use one of our SoundHound compatible devi
    I suggest if you would also like to see SoundHound on WebOS send a personalised email over to support (at)

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