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    Is palm planning to add bluetooth gamepad support for the palm pre? it would really help if they did, it would solve the problem of having your thumbs covering the screen while playing... if not is there a way a developer could build such support for pre??
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    I hope so!!!
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    There is someone over at internals working on a bluetooth stack with HID compatibility, but it's an extremely large project which could very well be near impossible, or at least not worth the trouble in functionality.

    Palm may decide at one point to include another stack but it's up in the air, I'm sure they would consider it if a 3rd party gamepad designer came to them, but otherwise it's up in the air if they'll even allow keyboards to connect which is possible in blackberries.

    I wouldn't hold out too much hope, at least not for a few months more.
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    i would think that even if it did support a gamepad, you would still have the icons on the screen in the games which would be very annoying.

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