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    Sorry, i'm sure this is a dumb question from the view of the other devs out there, but i'm trying to make a simple app for myself ( an app for Google Reader, so that it'll be easier to theme ) which is really just an application that opens up the Mobile Google Reader site on the phone.

    In Ares i have added the webView Widget, & the correct address ( both with & without the "http://" but when i load the application on my phone, it just shows a blank page. Is there something else i have to do to get webView to work with Ares?

    Again, sorry for the dumb question, but thanks in advance!
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    have a dumber question...just opened ares for the first time, can and how do i build themes on it? i've been fighting with the sdk compatability with win 7 for about 5 hours now, i g found the eclipse platform and ares about five minutes ago, so all of a sudden i have no idea were or with wat to start lol. i'm not real interested in tackling apps or widgets yet, i wanna start6 p by buildin a few themes....have any advice??
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    You don't use Ares to build themes ( as Palm doesn't currently support them [ yet ] ). Go to PreThemer, for theming. GrillSgt has an excellent post on getting started: Theming Primer. Also, many other posts in that Help & How Tos section are a great help. I have the same username on that site if you need any help.
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    Way to hijack a thread!
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    thats what i've been tryin to find!!! thank u and sorry for the hijack
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    Have you figured this out yet? I know it's simple, but I am trying something similar and not getting very far.
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    you must put the webView widget inside of a scroller, than it should work. That should all you've to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rretsiem View Post

    you must put the webView widget inside of a scroller, than it should work. That should all you've to do.
    Wow, thank you so much. I don't know why i couldn't get it working, but i did exactly what you said, put the webView widget in a scroller & it works now.

    ~Thank you so much!
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    hey is there any way to add a loading screen to this I'm working on a myspace app that loads the mobile site and i'd like to have a initial loading screen thanks in advance

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