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    ok. dont you hate the cards sometimes? leaving it open and it's blocking your wallpaper???

    ok anyways
    you have a plain phone that just started up. you open up 5 cards. then you swipe down on the gesture area and everything hids. swipe up and all your cards come back up. (now i'm mad that palm got rid of the botton on the plus and pixi otherwise you could of used that. but sprint owners can benifit from that with some patches. ) now you swipe up the gesture area and the cards come up.....swipe down again and the just go down. the same way how it flicks up to end them it flicks down to hid them. this is a nice way for background apps. you can also do it with a single app as well like you can throw away the card you can hid that single card. and when you swipe up you can just bring up all of them.

    now the launher button has a number on it to tell you how many cards you have open if they are hidden yes or no.... and lets say you have 20 cards open and you dont want to flick threw, you can hold the laucher button and all your cards will pop up in the right corner like a menu so you can choose what you want with a mini pic on the side of it words.....
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    sounds like a bunch of good ideas... seems like many of them might be out of scope for a simple patch, but i'd like to think that WebOS 2.0 will be a lot more "customizable"
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    sounds like a cool idea
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    yeah i was thinking about it and i want to make my phone more fuctional and more useable. i'm not good with code as i just started it in college. i have so many ideas.

    the point for this tweak/patch is that if we ever get a home screen that is active like andriod, we dont have to worry about cards being up in the way and it is still easy to access them.

    i wish we had more butons on the phone that were useless like the center button. i had an idea that we can do two things with it.
    1. set the virtual keyboard on it when it is pressed no matter what is on the screen and it worksjust like how the keyboard would work.
    2. make the apps pop up or it can be a task manager when held and it shows up all the cards you have open. but i change my mind and the launcher can do that.

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