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    As of a few days ago, preware has "forgotten" all the patches/apps/theme i have installed. this leaves them unable to be uninstalled (obviously apps can be, but patches and themes cannot). is there a way to force preware to see these? has anyone else had this issue?
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    As far as I know... the solution is to Full Erase and then doctor your pre.
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    i think you should try "emergency reconstruction utility" under "list of everything" in preware
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    Quote Originally Posted by nodforce View Post
    i think you should try "emergency reconstruction utility" under "list of everything" in preware
    worked great! thanks
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    I installed the ERU from Preware using Web OS Quick Install v4.04, but it doesn't seem to want to install. ERU remains in the "available applications" list and there is no icon on my phone for it. Am I doing something wrong?

    I also installed it from the Preware app on my phone, Preware said it was installed, but when I go back to my phone launcher, no ERU ! So I figure, OK, maybe it just runs during a reboot. So I reboot, the app is uninstalled, but Preware-installed items are still not seen by Preware. Guess I'm pretty screwed, eh?

    My problem is that something strange happened to my phone where it rebooted and when it came back on, I was prompted to create a new Palm Profile. I did, but Preware doesn't see any installed items. Many items are still installed because I can see them operating on the phone (such as Top Bar patches I applied). I'm afraid to reinstall patches that obviously are still installed.
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