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    I have been trying to figure out this divider function for the last two hours. I was going over the style samples and looking here: Lists €“ Palm Developer Center

    function GetAssistant(this.filterlistModel) {
         return $L(this.filterlistModel.visibleUrl);
    I am assuming that is the correct way for the function to be.

    Possible issue, my model has no items in it by default. They are dynamically loaded and applied with
    this.controller.get('filterlist').mojo.noticeUpdatedItems(0, this.allitems);
    Where this.allitems contains all the actual items. I just want all the items ordered by a visibleUrl divider.

    Can anyone see what I am doing wrong?

    EDIT: Solved.

    I just added:
    var modelItem = this.filterlistModel;
    Changed the function to:
    dividerFunction: this.divideThis.bind(this)
    Then function itself:
    GetAssistant.prototype.divideThis = function(modelItem) {
    	return $L(modelItem.visibleUrl);	
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