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    I have just finished the planning stages for a new app that brings GitHub to webOS, similar in concept to ioctocat for the iPhone. Would anybody be interested if I recorded screencasts of my development process and posted them somewhere for all to see?

    If there are any specific libraries or techniques that would relate to a GitHub app that you would like to see demonstrated in the screencast then let me know.

    - Rob
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    That sounds interesting. I've been wandering around the github/palm this morning. All this stuff is like, information overload. I love it.
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    I just finished tossing up the website with mockups of the first stage of the development process. I'll be recording the first screencast later this week. I'll post back here after it is up.
    * I can't post a link until I have 10 posts, so hopefully the link works without the http...

    - Rob
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    I've uploaded the first screencast at

    It covers using cookies, Ajax.Request and general application setup.

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