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    I've made a demo app to show what I'm referring to:


    I simplified things down as small as possible to demonstrate the point, and show that what I'm doing is fairly basic, and not insane for an app to do.

    First thing to take note: the usual shadowy textarea border is messed up.

    Then, as you scroll down from the top, it gradually darkens.

    At the "perhpas|perhaps" line, it turns back white background.

    A bit more scrolling down to the "rendezous|rendezvous" line and it switches straight to dimmed dark.

    The rest of the textarea then continues to switch between chunks of dark dimmed and normal white backgrounds.

    It's kinda hard to describe, thus why I made the sample app, seeing is believing

    Has anyone else seen similar behavior? Anyone found a workaround?
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    I have seen something very similar in Evernote. When your note gets to a certain length the textarea turns gray (not as dark as your screenshot though). The strange thing is you can type in that gray area but can't tap it.

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