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    Hello all,

    Can any one please confirm that the accelerometer service gets turned off when the app using the accelerometer is minimized or the screen turned off? Based on my testing it turns off, but I want to make sure that it is correct or I am doing something wrong?

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    I don't think so. My browser still rotates in when minimized in card view, for example.
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    Yea but that is orientation not accelerometer!
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    You're kidding, right?
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    umm... but... how does the orientation know to change if the accelerometer is off?
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    Yes I agree the orientation uses the accel to change. But I believe the web browser which is a palm app have full control of the accel service internally for their apps (not thru the API). My question is whether 3rd party non-palm app can have the accel working just like the web browser when it is minimized using the API
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    Just did a quick check with Friends Flow and Tweed, both 3rd party apps and both continued to change orientation while in card view.
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    You may be right. I just tested with Fishtank and it does not seem to change orientations when minimized.
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    Thanks to Spader and tarirene for your responses. Both the responses are opposite made me confuse more. May be when we deactivate window (i.e., minimized) the accel event is stopped listening automatically and may be I should capture the window deactivate event and start listening to the accelerometer event again. Let me try that and see what happens.
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    @spader, can you please tell me what is the app id for the Friends Flow and Tweed app?
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    My Music Player (Remix) app also changes orientation while it's minimized. To prevent this, you probably have to add your own code in the stageDeactivate and stageActivate event handlers to change the orientation mode.
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    Thanks DanPLC for your reply. Actually I am looking to get the accelerometer raw data and not to change the orientation when the app is minimized. Even i tried to listen to the accel data in the stageDeactivate method but still it did not work.

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