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    I believe that this has been requested very early on in the life of the Pre, but I'm hoping that the latest additional development tools might make this more feasible/accessible.

    • Ideally, I'd love for the Pre to have the ability to have a "meeting" sound profile (where it would go into "silent" or have predetermined sounds) which would be activated automatically when the user has time blocked off in their calendar. I know that Windows Mobile has this feature, and this was one of the main selling points to me when I was trying to decided between a TP2 and the Pre.
    • If that is not immediately feasible, I would settle for the same type of "sound profile" ability tied to a "time off/time on" feature, so that perhaps one profile would be active during business hours and another would be active during personal hours.
    • And if that isn't immediately possible, just the implementation of "sound profiles" would be a significant improvement and would shut up Blackberry users touting this feature once and for all

    As always, thanks very much to the homebrew community and your time and consideration is much appreciated.
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    *bump* No suggestions or comments? I'd figure this would be a real desirable bit of functionality for business users
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    Someone's currently working on an app called "Mode Switcher" that will hopefully address this. The alpha of the program should be released soon.

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