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    Can you edit widget properties on the fly?

    	this.beerListSettings = {
    		itemTemplate: "beerListView/beerRowTemplate",
    		listTemplate: "beerListView/beerListTemplate",
    		dividerFunction : this.whatPosition,
    		dividerTemplate : "divider",
    		swipeToDelete: false,
    		renderLimit: BKPrefs.renderLimit,
    		reorderable: false,
    	this.controller.setupWidget("beerListWgt", this.beerListSettings,
    		this.beerModel = {items: this.beerL.list}
    In this example, I want to be able to adjust the "itemTeplate" and "renderLimit" on the fly based on user input. Currently these are stored in a cookie, but a user has to exit then reopen the app in order to see the changes. Can you make the changes dynamically?
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    No one has an answer?

    I wound up just having the card swap with a copy of itself using the new settings. Not sure if this is the only or best solution, but it works. I was trying it mainly to test different renderLimit settings and to be able to change the way rows in a list look based on user preferences.

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