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    hey I have an idea for a patch. Is it possible to make a patch so that when the home button is pressed it will wake the phone? This button is pretty worthless and doesn't serve much of a purpose unless you don't understand the gestures. But don't you think it would be awesome if the home button could wake the device? Not put it to sleep also, just wake.

    if this can be done will someone tell me how to do it or please do it for all of us? I know this patch will excite all us Sprint Pre users. Pm me if you can do this, i'll pay!!!
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    this has been mentioned hundreds of times please do a forum search before posting but the gist is we dont have hardware access to the center button so it cant happen
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    Or A Bluetooth Patch ThatAllows You To Transfer Files... Like Blue Z
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    You do know if the slider is open then the center button will do exactly what youre asking!

    It doest work so well, having the slider open when youre out and about but at home on the t/s or sitting on the table it works well!
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