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    before and after the most recent OTA update, I did the Emergency Patch Recovery, only to find that 15 patches didn't remove properly and they show up as installed patches. Trying to remove them individually yeilds an error message. A complete webOS repair scan didn't help either. I think I'm going to revert to and older version of webOS if I can't get any better ideas from you guys. Any suggestions?
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    Just download the new WebOS doctor from palm and run it. It will completely wipe the unit clean and reload WebOS It is the easiest and fastest way to solve your problem.
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    Did you try running the full WebOS Doctor rather than just the Repair Utility? That should flash your device and remove all patches. As of 1.3.1, it shouldn't erase any of your USB data either.

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    If it is Preware listing those patches as installed, but they're really not, you'll need to use Webos Quick Install to remove those references.

    See instructions here
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    when u did the repair utility ..did u check off .. "override compatability"?
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    follow the steps in the link in my signature.
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    thanx guys i got it all squared away...
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    do webos doctor delete contacts??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Irocdaspot513 View Post
    do webos doctor delete contacts??
    you get your contacts back once u log back in with your palm profile or whatever account you saved your contacts under

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