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    I'm having some problems installing today's new patches. I installed 2 of them but having issues with a couple that will not install. Anyone having the same problem installing these patches?

    Launcher Page Selection
    Multi Patch
    Really Silent Ringer Switch Mute
    Send All Contacts via Email
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    having issues with numbers 3 and 4 in your list.
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    Also tried #3 and #4 on your list and had an error.
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    Same here, but I haven't tried removing other patches first. It's likely that some or all of these are simply conflicting with existing patches.
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    #4 was broken on WebOS 1.3.5, it is fixed now but it may take some time to filter down to the Preware feed.
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    #3 was just updated, try it with WOSQI and tell me if it works
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    I still can not do anything with 1,3 and 4. Are there other patches we must remove or a special place we need to dowload from besides Preware? I also cannot get PDF Redux.

    anyone else successfully get all these patches?
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    #4, Send All Contacts via Email, is updated and working in Preware as of 1/18. Please let me know if it still fails for you.

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    I'm having a problem trying to install PDF Redux. I keep getting a:

    "Error Installing: See IPKG Log" message.
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    When I try to install the virtual keyboard it give me the same error

    "Error Installing: See IPKG Log" message.

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