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    I try to not judge people that have no understanding of cell phone networks... but it is REALLY hard when someone say something like "why doesn't Sprint switch to GSM?". Its not like you can flip a switch.... geeeeeeez.

    that, and no matter what any of you people say... you have NEVER browsed the web and made a phone call at the same time on Sprint without using wifi. There was no patch to fix it... it is impossible on the hardware level. Unless your Pre magically grew a second radio and antenna... it didn't happen. You may have pulled up cached pages, but you weren't surfing "live" pages. Even if the software could allow it, and had been fixed since launch, don't you find it strange that only a few people could do it out of the thousands of Pre's out there? It would have been something we all could have done if it was possible.
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    let's not be too rough icanbeatali...some people just don't care to understand the difference in networks, or why it can't be as easy as a quick switch.

    An easy way to look at CDMA and GSM is to think of it as AM/FM vs. SiriusXM Radio. Two totally different technologies that offer the same basic service, music/news/etc. CDMA has a different set of antennas and radio frequency and other bits that make it improbable for a company to overhaul their entire network to become another type of carrier; way too expensive.

    hope this helps a little.
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    It's possible. The Pre uses The Cloud. Data transfers via the clouds themselves while voice is sent via tiny lightning bolts between the cell towers. Fer rillz. :-P
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