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    Today I was in the city and needed to use a Citibank to make a bank deposit.

    But I didn't know where the closest Citibank ATM was.

    I would have liked to have opened my Pre and use and App that can search for the closest ATM for my bank.

    So this app could not just be for Citibank but a list of major banks.

    You could tap on the bank that you use and then tap another button to say 'Locate' then using the GPS find the ATM's in the area you are in and then maybe go to Google Maps or Sprint Navigator to get directions and or a Map.

    I think Navigator because you can get 'turn by turn' directions.

    I'm not sure how useful this would be in a rural area, but in New York City, it would be very useful I believe.

    And since it would not be just for one bank, most people would want it.

    And of course, I would be willing to pay for something like this.

    My only concern, is that it might be discouraged by some banks that a making there own. But I don't really seeing an objection.

    And it would be easier if there was a database that you could tie into to get the data from.

    Does Google do bank ATM's?

    Robert L
    Astoria Queens, N.Y.C
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    might not be what you exactly want but when you type in atm in google maps it pulls up the atms in the area.
    In sprint nav if you type in atm it pulls up an list of the atm's in the area as well actually the sprint nav finds more than the google maps.
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    where also works well and is a bit quicker than google maps imo. Yelp works a little less well since typing 'atm' brings up lots of unrelated results.

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