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    Here's a link to the website. I beleive you have to contact them for the API. Blackboard Mobile | Extend Mobile

    Every College student would love this app! and I bet it would be a big seller in the Palm App Catalog.

    Blackboard Home
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    I second that request! A properly done Blackboard Mobile App would be something I and many others would gladly pay for!!!

    I wish I knew more about programming...
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    or moodle!
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    I just had to make a BB account monday. This would definitely be nice.
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    Luckily everything i use blackboard at school for is to download assignments, my school is still using blackboard 7.1 while version 9 is out. I took an online class last semester and blackboard caused me soo many headaches by randomly ending my session in the middle of tests and exams, to not uploading the documents(work i did for a grade). All the email and messaging inside is just forwarded to my school email. If blackboard was useful, i'd pay money for it.
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    I never knew blackboard had a mobile api...I will definitely look into this.
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    Dangit, our school just moved to eCollege from BB. It's mostly a positive thing, but I can't get it to load on my phone. This would have been nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kmax12 View Post
    I never knew blackboard had a mobile api...I will definitely look into this.
    Can't wait to see what you come up with!
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    +1 I would use that and pay for an app!
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    This would be awesome. I can do my discussion questions at the bar now.
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    I would love to see this. Would be such a useful app. I really would love to get this in app format some time soon.
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    Blackboard on the palm would be a life saver, one of the few apps id pay for if need be.
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    I just got my Palm Pre Plus and am almost totally withdrawn from my iPod touch - except I really miss having a Blackboard app! It would be a fabulous addition to this really great mobile OS! I would buy it! (For a price within reason - of course!)
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    I took a look at this, and their API's and contacting them for service.

    It appears you need to have specific privilege from each school. Each school has its own "database" of sorts, and apparently BlackBoard has to work with a person from the school who has access to it (probably each school's IT department) for a specific solution.

    At least, that was my take on what their website was showing.

    If anyone has an iPhone/iPod touch, there's apparently an iPhone app, they could try to locate it, download it and see if its universal and works with any campus and I can look further into it.

    How to get the Blackboard SDK.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KristieW View Post
    Dangit, our school just moved to eCollege from BB. It's mostly a positive thing, but I can't get it to load on my phone. This would have been nice.
    try the ipphone spoof in quickinstall?
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    god this would have been nice... but i'm graduating in a week so...
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    Any sign of webos support planned for this yet?
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    I would really like to know if some sort of 3rd party black board app was ever developed for the Pre. I still see that Black board has not released one and I never get a email back when I contact them about a inquiry. Well at times I do but it just states something along the lines about how it is not currently supported.

    I have tried viewing black board over the pre's browser. It lets me login and gives me access to the material. How ever if the page has to much material on it vertically the browser only allows me to see so much of it before it cuts the page off. I can not scroll down to see any further to read or access rest of the pages. Of course Being my luck for the two class I am currently enrolled in my instructors have decided to write a book in length on the work page with all the links to the course materials below. And since the browser will only display half the page I can not access the work links.

    So if any one knows of any app or browser that I could load on the Pre to give me full access to my black board work I would be most grateful. For a decent price I would even purchase such a app.

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    Check the app catalog looks like it's finally here

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