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    Quote Originally Posted by djgardn2 View Post
    Check the app catalog looks like it's finally here
    That's wicked cool, and great news for webOS users.

    Here's for hoping more major services begin building for webOS!
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    Awesome! I attempted to create a moodle app (I'm a teacher and started using moodle in the classroom) but I have absolutely no experience or knowledge with coding or development. Would anyone like to work with me to tackle this task? I can help from the idea and configuration standpoint but that's probably all
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    BlackBoard Mobile Central app now available for webos.

    Finally is here. Well it was posted on PC apps before

    Click on the Palm Pre image on this link and will show all the app services:Maps, Courses, Events, Library, Images,News, Videos, Athelics, Directory, Get help, where you get screen shots of each.

    Blackboard Mobile | Central

    Blackboard Launches Enhanced Mobile Web and webOS Versions for Mobile Campus Services App
    Smart Mobile Web Application Offers a Richer User Experience

    WASHINGTON, Feb. 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Blackboard Inc. (Nasdaq: BBBB) continued its commitment to rapid development of its mobile applications for education with the announcement today of Smart Mobile Web access for Blackboard Mobile™ Central, the Company's popular campus life and services application, as well as a new, native application for Palm® webOS™ devices.

    The new options further expand the number of users who can access the Blackboard Mobile Central suite of applications on a growing range of platforms and devices. Users can navigate interactive campus maps, access course catalogs, event calendars, campus news, sports scores and schedules, and even a campus directory that allows users to call or email instructors and classmates directly from the app.

    Smart Mobile Web significantly improves the mobile Web version of the Blackboard Mobile Central suite, providing an enriched user experience with a look and feel similar to a native application. The Smart Mobile Web version also enables institutions to customize the app with school branding and colors. Meanwhile, the webOS application for Palm devices is a polished native application that conforms to the look and feel of webOS.

    With the addition of webOS, Blackboard Mobile Central is now available in native applications for all major mobile platforms including Android™, BlackBerry®, iOS® for the Apple® iPhone® and iPod® touch. All of the versions are available at no extra cost to institutions using Blackboard Mobile Central, and the apps are free to students, instructors and others from the various app stores.

    "With these new platforms available, an even larger part of the Florida State community can stay connected through FSU Mobile," said Michael Barrett, CIO at Florida State University. "Knowing Blackboard will continue to innovate and support such a broad range of mobile devices and platforms makes them truly a trusted partner in helping us engage the FSU community and provide the best possible user experience."

    "One of the core facets of our philosophy is to design elegant applications that truly leverage the uniqueness of a platform's user interface paradigms," said Kayvon Beykpour, Vice President of Blackboard Mobile. "Our HP webOS Blackboard Mobile Central application is no exception. We're thrilled to provide this support for webOS users at current and prospective institutions. And with our release of a Smart Mobile Web version, users with smartphones other than the ones we provide native applications for can also enjoy a robust experience through mobile Web."

    Smart Mobile Web for Blackboard Mobile Central supports browsers utilizing WebKit or Gecko layout engines or other modern browsers like Internet Explorer® 8 and Opera. This includes most iOS, Android, webOS and Windows Phone 7™ devices. The Blackboard Mobile Central mobile Web platform will automatically direct users to the best version for their devices. The Smart Mobile Web version includes Maps, Courses, Athletics, Directory, Events, News and Library.

    The new webOS application for Palm devices includes Maps, Courses, Athletics, Directory, Events, News, Library, Videos, Images, Get Help and Links. Developed as a native application for the webOS platform, Blackboard Mobile Central for webOS leverages a device's unique features to provide an engaging user experience, including:

    * Implements navigation in Palm using the native back gesture.
    * Efficiently uses space on the screen eliminating the need to have soft key icons/buttons.
    * Displays numbered results in Directory search (unique to the Palm Blackboard Mobile Central app)
    * Tint colors for creating a unique brand identity

    Press Release: Blackboard Launches Enhanced Mobile Web and webOS Versions for Mobile Campus Services App -- WASHINGTON, Feb. 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --
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