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    Hi folks. I've finally been bitten by the webOS bug, and have decided to dive in and develop a couple of my own apps. Already have a few ideas in mind.

    My programming experience has been VBVBVB/$VB$.$NET$, $ASP$/$ASP$.$NET$, $JavaScript$, $and$ $HTML$ $mainly$.

    There doesn't really seem to be many choices out there for books (yet). I'll be running through the tutorials and such (starting w/ Ares), but would really like a reference book.

    Which of these two books would you folks recommend (or neither)? The O'Reilly book has pretty bad reviews (even here on PreCentral from the big guys), and the other has none. Palm webOS (9780596155254): Mitch Allen, Allen Mitch: Books

    or Practical Palm Pre WebOS Projects (Beginning) (9781430226741): Frank Zammetti: Books

    TIA for your thoughts!
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    i havent read franks book yet but he seems to now alot about jsjsjs,$html$,$css$ $he$ $has$ $13$ $years$ $xperiance$, $and$ $has$ $helped$ $out$ $alot$ $on$ $the$ $palm$ $dev$ $forums$.
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    Thanks for the input! I just started hacking away w/ Ares, and am impressed so far. Learning tons already!
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    I have read both, and honestly they are equally ****.

    Just take a look through weboshelp, look through the SDK docs on the website and so on. I have very little experience of JSJSJS $but$ $have$ $progressed$ $nicely$ $in$ $the$ $past$ $week$ $or$ $so$ $just$ $by$ $reading$ $palm$'$s$ $docs$.

    I wouldn't use ares just because it makes it too easy to focus on the GUI at the expense of code
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    #5 has decent documentation now... It isn't amazing, but it is free.
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    I came across this - webOS School
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    Here are links to where you can buy eBook versions:
    Practical Palm Pre WebOS Projects

    Palm webOS, 1st Edition

    I haven't bought the Apress book. I didn't really like the O'Reilly book (and it is probably more out of date by comparison).

    Thanks for asking. Hopefully someone here can write a review (or at least first impressions here for us).
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    I have read both books and to be fair and full disclosure I was the technical reviewer for Franks book. Between the two I felt Franks book was more practical and gave you more of an understanding of how things worked versus a rehash of the documentation on the website which is what a felt Mitch's book was. I was very frustrated with Mitch's book because the source code was for the final product and it changes drastically through out the book so you are left on your own to figure out whats wrong. Since in Frank's book each chapter is its own project the source code matches what you are trying to develop to. I also enjoyed Frank's humor which made it read much easier and not so much like a text book. So all things being equal and if I was learning WebOs for the first time all over I would go with Frank's book.
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    Knowing simply that you were a technical reviewer is enough to tell me that it will be better then the Palm book. Thanks for your comment.
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