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    How do I get the rssi value or number of bars available programmatically? Basically I want to find out if there's actually an available signal.
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    I'd like to give this one a kick. I'd love to see rssi in db and cell name/info for the various cellsites my phone is seeing. When I used to work at a carrier all the techs could make their regular handsets do this with a bit of firmware. I've gotta think with the power of this device it'd be a piece of cake as the phone is already doing it, it just needs to be displayed. Anyone have it?
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    do a search for minidm as discovered by rwhittby.
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    Wow thanks but I've only had it 4 days so I'm not quite ready for /ing. I said on the linuxmint forums "the mouseclick is mightier than the cli" and the fur flew, but I stand behind that statement. Most mortals can get in way over their heads in cli, and can scupper more than they fix. So thanks Rod for doing, and you Hag for illuminating, but I'll wait for the gui ver.
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    If you have the SDK installed you can go to refcode->phone->controllers->poundDebug-assistant.jsjsjs

    to see the code that Palm used to format the RSSI from the palm://com.palm.telephony feed. The controller uses the RadioDebugSet function in ->models->TelephonyCommands.jsjsjs $to$ $access$ $the$ $actual$ $feed$.

    My javascript skills are still pretty limited so the exact method of grabbing the data is tough for me to follow but it looks like you need to create a function that uses mojo.service.request to listen to the palm://com.palm.telephony feed and dump the parameters within the feed into an array. The array can then be used to access the variables and can be updated periodically with refreshed values.

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