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    Just saw your post on the Boxee Forums and realized I sometimes I forget the simple things. Changed my static Ip and it works great! Thanks again. Let me know when you get the prefs to work. It will be great as a lot of my network is already tied to my old IP. Keep up the great work man and I recommend you set up a donation account, I know I'd be happy to help.
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    So after a little tweaking here and there and some input from my girlfriend, I came up with this;

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    looking good Mr. Roman. I love the background!
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    Yes, The new background is great! The only thing I think it could use is a "now playing" button somewhere to switch to a view that has the info about the stuff currently playing. Perhaps one one side on the top a small "now playing" button and on the other a "prefs" button.

    Kinda like the 'official' iphone boxee app:

    BTW - your background and buttons look much better than in the 'official' version.

    if you'll email me the files i can implement them here soon. School starts back tomorrow, so another week of teaching. I'll mainly work on this project on weekends.

    If you give me your email, I can get you setup for SVN access so you can take a look at some of the underlying code etc if you want.
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    Allright, I had time to sit down and work a bit after my dentist extravaganza today, and now the preferences are working!

    I also submitted for the homebrew app gallery, so should be there soon!
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    You are the man! I'll give it a try as soon as I can and let you know if I get any issues.
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    This app is a great idea! I have a question, though: where can I find the IP address for Boxee Beta on my Win Vista (32-bit) machine?
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    the ip of boxee is the same as the ip of the machine. Hit start, type cmd, hit enter. Then in the command prompt, type ipconfig. This will tell you your ip.

    Discussion about this app in particular moved to the "official" forum thread:

    Official thread
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    The app is looking great. I decided to create my own(mostly because I wanted to try out Ares). It doesn't look nearly as good as your latest screenshots, but I do like the collapsible switching between playback and navigation rather than separate scenes. I attached a screenshot. I doubt I will ever release mine(seems you are moving at a good pace with your development, and I've never been one to finish a project), but I'm happy with how easy it really was.

    I still haven't got the "Menu" button to work as anything but an escape key. I wanted to have it as "Home", but trying to send the ASCII "H" code didn't seem to work. Also, I'm completely stumped on how to use sliders. I can understand how to get and send % for the volume and seeker, but controlling the sliders seems to be beyond me tonight.
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