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    I hope you guys can help me out.. I am having some problems getting my layout to work.

    What I am looking for is basically the following:
    Two palm-group boxes, side by side, each taking up 50% width
    inside of each of these boxes two images, side by side, taking up 50% each..

    so it would look like this
    [() ()] [() ()] where [] are groups and () are images

    ..and I have this layout over and over in a vertical list.

    So I have tried a few things but cannot seem to get the css right.
    I have tried using CSS to float each element left and give them widths of 50%, which looks fine but the DIVs don't clear correctly, so that palm-menu-spacer I have at the bottom doesn't work (it kinda floats around the middle). I need the menu spacer to work correctly since I have a progress pill at the bottom of the page.

    I achieved this layout fine using ares, but the load time of the app is so bad I just don't want to use it.
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    I'm biased, having written Ares, but if you have it working in Ares, we are working on the performance issues around load time as the beta progresses, in addition to already announced performance enhancements in webos 1.4 coming up.
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    Hey jumpingmatt, don't get me wrong, Ares is indeed a wonderful tool. My only complaint about it is the load times of the apps it generates. I know that once this is improved upon I will no doubt be using ares for 90% of my development. Obviously as time goes on ares will only get better and better and I am very excited about being able to use it in the future.

    As a side note I did solve my layout problems by using clearing divs to make everything work fine. I was just hoping I wouldn't have to revert to doing that.

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