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    I'm using an imageView widget like;
    <div id="myPhotoDiv" x-mojo-element="ImageView" align="center"></div>

    //Image STUFF
    var attributes = {
    //noExtractFS : true //optional
    this.imageModel = {
    onLeftFunction : this.wentLeft.bind(this),
    onRightFunction : this.wentRight.bind(this)
    this.controller.setupWidget('myPhotoDiv', {}, this.imageModel);

    this.myPhotoDivElement = $('myPhotoDiv');
    this.myPhotoDivElement.mojo.centerUrlProvided(imagePath, imagePath);

    and it works...double tapping zooms all the way in, I can flick left and can i show the image in full screen on click and preferably back/close on click again.
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    This might be a "hack" way to do it, but the only way I figured out how to do it is putting this line in your activate function:
    Also, this obviously only fullscreens for the Pre, not the Pixi. Keep that in mind.

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