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    Why is it that my cheapo 3.5mm headset can do more than $130 Bluetooth headset from Sprint?????

    Here is my feedback wireless/Bluetooth headsets: If I'm going to hand you (Sprint, Best Buy, Electronic Retailer, ect.) $130 for a wireless headset and in return you give me a product that can do less than my $20 headset, why the hell do you think that would ever go for that ride???

    Give me a MONO/SINGLE EAR bluetooth headset that can do everything my cheapo headset can do & I will buy it!!!!!
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    to not be compatible with sprint's own navigation and tv apps is ridiculous.
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    This isn't in the right forum, but you should never buy accessories from Sprint. Those are their highest margin items. Buy them online or at a good electronics store like Frys.

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