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    I would love to see someone port over Xfire(wwwdotxfiredotcom as just a stand alone messenger to the palm pre that would help me out alot. Not only me but the PC gaming community would love it. i think that only other phone that has Xfire right now is the Driod. If anyone things they can make this happen i might toss some money your way for it because it would make me extremly happy. As for MSN messenger i just can't beleive it did not come factory with the Pre at this time i think it is the most used messenger out.

    But if anyone might try and take a wack at it let me know.
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    I would DEF use this app... also a ventrilo client would be pimp!
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    i was talking to a group of people that are making a mobiel xfire for other devices and they stated to me that the pre dose not have tcp/ip sockets in the current SDK kit i guess idk can anyone fill me in on this

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