Due to the lack of multi-touch events in JavaScript I had the idea of using the gesture area for a second area to detect touches in. I've seen that native apps like supertux are doing this. And even the terminal app uses the gesture area as a meta key. But I can't find out how to use it. There is a "back" event in Mojo but I like to simply react on mousedown events there. Is that possible in a standard JavaScript-based Mojo app? If yes, can someone please point me into the right direction?

I need this for a game I'm writing. The game has two actions: Accelerate and fire (The rest is controlled by the accelerometer). Both actions are currently controlled by keys on the keyboard but I'd like to be able to play the game without the keyboard extended. So I need two independent touch areas. And because multi-touch on the screen isn't supported in the JavaScript API, it would be nice to use the gesture area as the second touch area.