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    Hi - Was wondering if someone could please develop an app where you can turn on/off Wifi or Bluetooth during designated times like an alarm clock. I have a pretty steady daily routine to/from work and would like to disable Wifi and Enable Bluetooth at certain times and enable/disable them again at a later time in the day on the way home.

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    I am actually developing software that can do this. It's called Mode Switcher where you can do different 'Modes' (or profiles if you want to call them that) where you can set the state of the connections and even applications to be automatically started. At the moment it won't support the plain time based activation but I will add it soon I think. For now it works in a way that you can define time + trigger (trigger being an touchstone or other charger event) when the mode is either automatically activated or manually selected by the user. So for example you can make a "Night Mode" which disables connections and starts timepiece automatically when you place the phone on touchstone charger between 22.00-08:00 for example. I am also thinking of making support for location based activation of Modes but let's see.

    I will be posting more info and screenshots of the app soon on the Homebrew Apps forum when I get the permissions for it.
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    Cool! Sounds like a very convenient app to have. I will be sure to donate as soon as you have it up! Good luck
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    Just to let you know that I just added a forum page for my application. I'll inform there when the app is ready for testing. I also added the support for time based activation of modes so now it should be able to handle the switching connection settings solely based on the time of the day. More information about the features on the forum post (Homebrew Apps - Mode Switcher).

    Any feedback or suggestions are welcome.

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