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    Powertab Editor (Power Tab .net - Product Information) is one of the most useful free computer applications for guitarists Power Tab Editor I have ever used. Not only is it a music notation program, it allows full tablature notation--and plays powertab files in MIDI as it walks through the guitar tabs. And with all the people transcribing all manner of songs from classics to new hits, it's pretty cool--especially since the tab files are pretty small, as things go.

    If someone could figure out a way to port a bare-bones version of Powertab Editor over to WebOS, or even just a version which only played the powertab files, then I--and I would assume many others--would be very, very grateful.
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    I suggest Tuxguitar - .:: TuxGuitar ::. Open Source Tablature Editor :: TuxGuitar. It's a free, open-source guitar tablature editor which can handle both powertab and guitar pro formats.
    However, it's written in Java, which may cause problems.
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    +1000 for Powertab This would be uber helpful for me I'd actually pay for this kinda app.

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