Every developer friend I know always has the biggest monitor in the cubicle park, usually two or three actually...so this idea would be anathema to most, but perhaps fun as a proof-of-concept: Would it possible to make a mobile version of the Ares development tool?

Heck, Ares' style seems like a WebOS app already, with its simple design, sliding palettes and no right-clicking. I imagine something like a three page Pre desktop, with the canvas in the middle, a flick to the left and you'll find the palette/view/files which you could slide over to the canvas.

The best part would be packing and installing on the road. Or would this be the worst part? Turning your actual device into an testing environment might be a fast road to hell I guess.

Still, would this not be the ultimate proof of how simple it is to program for WebOS? Anybody ever use ThinkDB to write your own "apps"?