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    Thanks to those who got DOOM! and Quake to work for the Pre! Love it! And THANKS again!

    But.... it would REALLY be cool if Duke Nukem 3D was brought to the Pre, we have the soundboard, but it just makes me wish I could save those babes and kill those alien scum all over again.

    Anyone else ???????
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    Yes include me in the list of Duke Nukem 3D fans.
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    Third duke3d thread (1, 2, steel)

    Someone needs to port it already!
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    I don't know if there's an SDL port of Duke Nukem 3D. But, that doesn't mean it can't be ported natively, what with the latest graphics support in the SDK.

    And yes, that would be quite awesome. Maybe I should get un-lazy sometime and start developing/porting things for WebOS...
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    I'll look into it. I know that there is a SDL version floating around in the internets. No promises tho, I'm still working on sdlgnuboy lol
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    the icculus port uses SDL Duke3D for Linux
    as well as almost every other port that supports linux like eduke32.
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    I would die to have DukeNukem3D. Especially if it has the ability to import custom built levels. I created a huge custom level back in the 90s that I'd love to play again.
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    I'd rather have the side scroller, myself :-) Or at least commander keen, jazz jackrabbit, or monster bash.

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