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    I have a couple of issues with the depot that maybe someone can point me in the right direction…

    1) When my app starts, apparently depots run parallel to the app in that once the depot is asked to load data, the app continues on its merry way leaving the depot loading data. At some point the depot catches up, but the calls to update the list widget have already run and the list looks blank until I manually refresh it. Is there some event that I need to look for to tell when the depot has finished loading so I can delay the list widget update till it is done?

    2) Saving the depot… right now I have about 10-12 items in my depot, each with about 15 variables. Not a big deal to save the depot every time a change is made, but eventually this array stored in the depot will have between 300 and 400 items. Each item can be updated by the user, but saving the entire depot every time 1 item is changed sounds like a lot of work to do very little. I had tried making the depot save on the cleanup method of the last scene on exit so that it only saves once, but apparently, as mentioned in item 2, the depot starts to save the app closes and the depot never finishes saving because apparently the app shuts down in the middle of saving. It isn’t a problem with the depot as I can add a button to manually save the depot (for troubleshooting) and everything saves just fine. Is there some other place I can add the save so it only happens once and completes execution before the app is closed?
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    I just started developing on webos, but maybe I can help

    1) I just let the depot-callback call "this.controller.changedModel(list.model)". The list notices it an updates.

    2) You should also save as soon as possible. At app-shutdown its just far too late. And You can chunk it, to keep them small. Or if you are going to have more items, use the sqlite-db instead.

    Just saw... Its old ^^ Maybe someone will read it anyway

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