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    OK, it looks like Palm's rep is doing nothing to help blubble get his music app allowed into the app catalog. So I think it's time for all of us here who want the music app (it's AMAZING for anyone who hasn't seen it yet: ) to do something ourselves.

    So everyone who wants this app in the app catalog, post your request here:

    Feedback & Feature Requests (

    That is the only place to send them requests for anything on any Palm product (for some reason).

    I sent off my feedback requesting the NaNPlayer be allowed and that they allow apps to use music indexing (see blubble's post here for more info on what needs to be allowed:

    If we all write in, maybe they'll ok his app!
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    They'll ok his app when they implement music indexing. The Palm rep can't do anything...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dcoaster View Post
    They'll ok his app when they implement music indexing. The Palm rep can't do anything...
    Not true (well, the rep can't do anything but Palm can which is who we're contacting). For manipulating images, only an undocumented service was available "extractfs". Palm kept saying they wouldn't allow any apps to use that because it was going to change and get an official API. But it took a long time and enough people complained that they changed their mind. Now they allow apps to use that with the knowledge that they'll have to update their apps when it changes. So it CAN be done.
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    Wow, so many people were posting in the NaNPlayer thread claiming they'd pay lot's of money for the app, but no one seems to want to even send a note to Palm to get this thing released. Weird.
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    I appreciate your thoughts, but it's not necessary. Palm has known from way back that a lot of users want NaNplayer. They received a barrage of emails from many on these forums back in September and it didn't help.
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    I think the other big issue is that nanplayer and the whole issue there has been talked to death, and with everything that was announced at CES, people have more exciting stuff to talk about.

    I'd love to have a music player that didn't pause between tracks and operated a little faster, but it just seems to me like palm has heard people loud and clear, and there's not much left to do but wait or move on.

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