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    Hey all,

    The was another thread on an app, but it seemed more concerned with utilizing the radio and such things, like the actual app on the iPhone I suppose. However, my main desire is simply to scrobble. The Pre is my main music player and not being able to scrobble these past few months has kind of bugged to the breaking point.

    Any ideas on how hard this would be to put together on the WebOS end? Because the breaking point for me is downloading the SDK, looking at Ares, and having gotten the api, sitting down to figure out if I can do it for myself. For anyone who had the MobileScrobbler (and subsequently Scrobble/d) app on the iPhone/Touch, it was basically just a little app that when you launched it, would tell you how many songs you had scrobbled, the status of your last scrobble, where you put in the username/password, and a switch to turn the scrobbling on and off. This is basically want I want.

    I don't think designing this part is too hard, but I am more concerned with which parts of the webOS SDK I should look out or watch for in the area of one's ability to get the song information from the media player and then managing this info in the background with the app. I'm going to sit down with it myself of course and see what I can make heads and tails of, but I figured I'd ask for any advance advice on things to consider.
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    I don't know if WebOS actually keeps track of the playcount, because Apple / iTunes and the iPod application, keep track of how many times you've played a song. This combined with a last played date, is probably what they use to see the 'last played' songs you can scrobble.

    If you could access the 'current song playing' you might be able to make a "live" scrobbler, but the application would have to be running in a different card the whole time probably, or timed execution every 1 minute or so to check. Not impossible, however getting the current track playing.. I don't know if that's possible right now for sure..
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    I'm reviving this thread. I use my Palm Pre as my primary music player now (instead of my iPod) and I'd like to be able to scrobble my songs too.
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    There was supposed to be someone working on a scrobbler. But no updates since months.
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    Yeah, thanks spud, that's one of the threads I came across before finding this one. I wish I had the talent and know-how to make my own app, I'd certainly give it a go if I knew where to start!
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    I'm am the one that was working on the Scrobbler in the thread above that was posted... I am no longer working on it because I ran into two problems:

    #1: I could not figure out how to gain access to the current playing song and related information.
    #2:'s server's where viewing my HTTP POST requests as GET requests.

    I have since moved on to bigger and better things. If you sort one or both of these problems out let me know and I will see what I can get working...
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    Someone needs to create a program/patch that will update the "last played" data on the tracks. It quite annoys me that this was disabled out of the box. Then, at the least, you can manually scrobble when your Pre is connected to the computer.

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