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    OK, im not sure whats up with it haha... Its probably something really stupid that im overlooking:

    The sound works, the roms are for sure being emulated correctly + when I press the center button and go back into card view and then re go into the gnuboy card, when i tap the screen, the ripple effect lets me see the game. The screen is completely black but if i tap, the ripple effect is clear and provides a temporary window to the gameboy screen..
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    keep up the great work, really looking forward to this, thanks
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    How did you get around the joystick error when using 'make'? That's where I'm stuck. I can't do anything until I figure that out...
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    no no no i edited the config file to not include joystick then reconfigured so it left it out
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tag234 View Post
    no no no i edited the config file to not include joystick then reconfigured so it left it out
    Oh ok. I'm gonna look around for the config file and see what I can do.
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    While you guys are at it, can you try to see where the save game files are kept and see if we can bring in our old save game files and have it start from where we left off?

    Pretty please?
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    alright, i have a working emulator, displays correctly and sound is fuzzy but im sure ill be able to get it to work with correct sound.

    What do we want controls / screen placement to be? Right now its picking up the accelerometer as the directional pad and enter as start.... >.<
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    Nice work there! I haven't been able to make any progress lol. I'm kinda new to linux and couldn't find the config file to edit. At least one of us got it to work.

    As far as control, does the emulator work in portrait or landscape?
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    Tag if you could post an ipk somewhere, that'd be great. However, to answer your question, something like the quake controls or a choice between those and the accelerometer would be ideal, I think. It would be fun to have a gameboy emulator that you could control with the accelerometer, but more classic control styles might be better for others. I'd love to play a few gameboy games with the accelerometer just for kicks, either way.
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    i can get it to run on any portion of the screen, but by default its running on landscape. Portrait is probably the best option for now because im unsure of how to bind touch screen touches to the controls >.>

    An ipk will be posted eventually... this still isnt at that point quite yet
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    Sure I understand, but I'm fine with a "not quite ready" release. That's what I deal with at work every day You can send it to me privately if you don't want to release it publicly.
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    Well I'm finally making progress lol. I got it to compile, but it came out as fbgnuboy instead of sdl...
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    Alright well im going to create and post an ipk for a VERY early version just to show that its in development i guess. It has sound, but i recommend turning it down unless it doesnt bother you because it is kind of staticy. Key bindings will be as follows:

    W = up
    A = left
    S = down
    D = right
    G (or Enter) = start
    H = select
    K = B
    L = A

    It was the best layout i could think of temporarily. Game saves will goto a new root directory 'saves'.... And the only loadable game will have to be titled 'game.gbc' in your root directory. All of these things will change eventually, including a way to load different games etc, but for now that seems like far too much work. This is just a proof of existence.

    Keybindings and save directories can be changed in the '/media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/com.tag234.gnuboy/' file

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    Keep it up guys! Seems like you're getting close!
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    this feels like a b-day present to me, thanks LOL

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    Nice work Tag. I'm still working on editing the 'config' and have almost worked out some issues. I might take a look at your ipk to get some ideas and modify some things. I'll let you know what I manage to find. I'm gonna be out of the house for a while, but once I get home I'm going to jump into this.
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    my ipk wont contain anything very useful, it pretty much followed the doom Tut to the T... I dont have experience in creating actual apps so i have no idea how to make any sort of menu or anything... The ipk is done, the only think holding it up right now is trying to get this whole save dir to work..
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    So, got it compiled but it came out as fbgnuboy. I remember you had the same issue. How did you fix it? Or did fbgnuboy work on the Pre?

    I'm making good progress editing the configure file and working things out. I have a good amount of coding experience, just not with linux lol. But everything is starting to click now and I have a pretty good understanding now.
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    when it compiled into fbgnuboy, i fixed it by redoing the initial setup for scratchbox... whats causing that is the fact that it doesnt think that SDL is installed but if scratchbox was setup correctly, it should work.

    ipk is up! saving and sound works, key bindings are posted, limitations include:
    Card view sometimes causes the game to freeze
    Sound is scratchy
    Impossible to pick a game to load without renaming it in root
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    thanks checkingit out now as i type it..

    it doesnt seem to load up. im restarting my phone now to see if it fixes the problem

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