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    Does any one know if there is a way to get the screen to completely shut off when attached to the touchstone charger? The screen goes black but is still fairly bright especially when it is next to your bed.
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    I wish! This has been discussed a lot.. At least give the user the option to turn off the screen while on the touchstone.. Not everyone wants to use the Touchstone the same way.

    Maybe in the 1.4 firmware they'll add more options.
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    +1 or maybe with the new sdk the can make a patch
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    +1 as well. I don't like to complain about stuff because this phone is awesome I mean really awesome. Yesterday at CES it really showed how Palm plans to keep on trucking. But I lay in bed and that darn light just keep glowing. I put a sock over it every night. I need 100% darkness when I sleep. If anyone knows does the phone light up because the touchstone tells it to or does the phone light up because it is being charged? there has to be some coding somewhere in this phone that will allow you to change it.
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    There's a homebrew app called Brightness Unlinked that does exactly that.
    The developer has been struggling to keep up with the frequent webOS system updates, which sometimes break his app, but I think he's all caught up as of this week.
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    Pretty sure BU doesn't have the touchstone functionality for 1.3.5 yet
    Just waiting for the day my Pre has contacts grouping, and a "speed dial" for text messaging
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    Brightness Unlinked now has a completely bug-free and working touchstone-off setting.

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