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    I posted about this on another sub forum. Someone suggested that I post it here as a request.

    Looking for an app that replaces the slider with your thumb print to unlock. I know there is an app for the iphone like this but is it possible for the pre.
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    Doesn't that require a fingerprint reader (hardware change)?

    How does iPhone do that? -- they don't have a fingerprint reader either

    The only thing I can think of that would be feasable is a secret gesture to unlock,i.e., a specific swipe pattern that only you know.
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    The iPhone one is just a gimmick. You'd need a real thumbprint reader built into the hardware, as rlopin says. OP, do you want the gimmick or the real thing? If it's the latter, you're SOL.
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    Reminds me of the "Fingerprint reader" for PalmOS. Always came in handy as a good joke.
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    The one for the iphone must be a secret gesture like your talking. Not saying I want an actual reader but a look alike that completely replaces the slider.
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    I want mine to give my x-ray vision like the new iphone app.

    (some apps a just for laughs. sorry to ruin your day.)

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