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    I installed ez-ipupdate via Preware and successfully configured it to talk to As in, I can call ez-update manually with switches and it works, or via referencing my config file. However, it's not happening automatically.

    The Preware version creates a script called /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/50mobi-optware-ez-ipupdate which is of course called by the ip-up script [via a run-parts of ip-up.d].
    * If I execute this script directly, my ip is updated
    * If I do a run-parts on /etc/ppp/ip-up.d my ip is updated (same if I just run /etc/ppp/ip-up)
    * But this never happens automatically
    WTH. How is ip-up never being run after a reboot? Or a java restart. Either I'm crazy; my Pre is different; or the wiki is wrong.

    would be appreciated.
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    i had previously had this working via the manual installation/configuration outlined on the webOS internals site. this morning I decided to remove it and install the preware package to take advantage of the emergency service enabler support added to the preware package.

    i'm experiencing the same trouble~
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    Try putting a "sleep 5" at the start of the script. It seems to depend on how quickly your cellular provider responds to the data connection request.

    Let me know if that helps, and if it does I'll put it in the release package.

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    question...i have ez-ipupdate installed but i installed it via command line awhile back. I'm getting a new phone so how do i completely uninstall ez-ipupdate from my old phone so i can install it via preware on my new phone?
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    I'm having the same problem. I can execute the script manually and the ip updates, but it does not update when I restart my phone. I'm not sure if it updates when the ip address changes, either, because the only way I know for sure it's changed is when I restart. Are there any other ways to force my phone to change its ip? Obviously, if it can do this by itself without executing the script manually then I'm not too worried about the restart because the ip will eventually update. But how often does the ip change?

    Anyway, I sleep 5'd it, and it didn't work. I even gave it up to five minutes, and even though the delay is reflected when I execute the script, it doesn't do anything when I restart. I'm beginning to think that it's not running at all when the phone restarts, because with a 5 minute delay it should be happening well after everything else on the phone has resolved with regard to a startup.

    Any suggestions on how to make it run automatically on restart? Are there any files referenced during startup that list what needs to be run?

    Thanks for any advice anyone can offer
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    I saved the manual instructions and I have no problem with it finding my Pre anytime I try to login via winscp.
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    I have an app that has completely automated the process of what you guys are trying to do...the hold up? I don't know how to do a make file for php-fcgi.

    Honestly i haven't worked on it in over two weeks but the app part is done....just making the Make file for php-fcgi

    I don't know why I have a stumbling block with this. I pretty much reversed engineered everything else I've learned [with some help] ... I just don't even know the right questions to ask on this one.

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