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    I just recently removed my theme, and about 40 patches, to upgrade to WebOS 1.3.5. Totally worth it, but I don't use Exchange, and I had to do the same thing just a few days later for the fix.

    What I'm interested in is a patch manager, onboard, which will allow me to select or unselect patches. Checkboxes I can clear, so multiple patches can be executed or removed simultaneously. Or a way to save my installed patches so I can reinstall a "patch profile" when I need to do so, instead of sorting through the individual ones on the list each time.

    Any of you brilliant developers have a way to do something like that? Thanks for your input.
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    That would be amazing. That is one heck of a good idea. Don't know if its possible, but I'd use it.
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    WebOS Internals folks are working on this for Preware. Hopefully ready for next update.
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    Coming Soon AUPT!

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