Quoting Member DallasHigh...
"The RTC chip on the Pre is hit-or-miss. Typically this doesn't matter on cell phones because they regularly sync with the network. However, on top of this hardware problem is a software problem which causes the Pre to only sync with the network when the radio is first powered on (coming out of airplane mode or rebooting the phone).

The software problem needs to be fixed. I can't believe it's been 7 months and there is still no fix for something so basic.

The hardware problem is not going away if your Pre is affected by it. Personally my phone gains about one minute per day. I never had this problem on any of my WiMo phones, even with Network Time turned off."

Is it possible to create a patch or script that will toggle airplane mode on and off when the phone is not being used at set intervals? Maybe twice a day?

Plenty of us would be very greatful!