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    with the latest updates on WebOS and the ability to play games such as Doom and Quake on Palm Pre, i was wondering if it were possible to create a WebOS game that would boost the Pre's popularity or add some zest to the hardware. One idea came to mind: Rockband (or a similar music game) for WebOS. Though this is just an idea, I would like to outline how i would like to think it work. Using the touch screen, there would be five buttons mapped that allowed a track of buttons to scroll onto the screen like the popular rockband game. Then, by touching the buttons it would serve as completing the note. A readable track would consist of an MIDI sequence and an mp3 playback or a compatible audio conversion to use less memory. This is all just an idea. Feedback welcome .
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    I've played Rock Band on the iPhone and it really isn't all that fun. If it could somehow incorporate multiplayer or something (I don't know if the iPhone version is capable of that) I would love to play it more. It reminds me of Tap Tap Revenge.
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    I havent had any experience with the iphone app for rockband. Is it anything like what i suggested? If so, would there be a way to port it if it were open source? just wondering if this could be possible with where WebOS stands now, and if so what would it take?

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