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    Here's a link to the api info...

    API Documentation - DailyBurn

    Would love it if someone could put something together!

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    no love for dailyburn?
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    last bump... sorry
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    I would REALLY, REALLY love an App for DailyBurn also! Please, I hope someone will develop it.
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    I'm definitely wanting a DailyBurn app as well. Looks like someone's finally starting to work on one. Not sure if KyleP is on PreCentral, but hopefully we'll hear something soon!

    app for palm pre / Suggestions / Discussion Area - DailyBurn Support
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    By the way, if you're not already doing so, you can use their mobile website at:
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    Really jealous of Iphone's apps... I feel like I have a mac in 1999 and am always behind on apps

    Ah well... I can wait! its worth it!

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