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    I'm new to this but i cant seem to get what I've design in the main-chrome.jsjsjs $file$ $to$ $load$ $up$ $on$ $the$ $emulator$ $or$ $the$ $web$ $view$ $emulator$. $I$ $get$ $the$ $title$ $of$ $the$ $App$ $name$ $on$ $the$ $topleft$ $of$ $the$ $screen$ $which$ $i$ $believe$ $is$ $the$ $menu$, $and$ $thats$ $it$. $everthing$ $else$ $is$ $a$ $blank$ $gray$ $screen$. $do$ $i$ $have$ $to$ $change$ $anything$ $in$ $the$ $index$.$html$ $file$?
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    If you haven't already, I'd suggest you go through the Ares tutorial. They provide the code to get a basic app running. You can then work from there.

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