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    Hey, I use maybe 10 pages to separate apps on my Pre. I like flicking left and right more than up and down. I read where someone was looking for an app to name each of the pages, eg - Web, Phone, GPS, Contacts....etc. While looking at an Android video, I saw the narrator tap on the dots representing each page of apps or desktops.

    Why not combine page naming and the ability to switch to a particular page into one single app? We already have the page identifiers in the form of little lines on the right or left bottom area of the screen. I like text icons or boxes for this type of function instead of a mini page shot.

    What do you think?
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    i think this would be cool
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    wouldnt "named folders" on one page when tapped lead to hidden pages where the apps are stored be better? similiar to the blackberry
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    i think that's a great have ten pages of apps!! WOW. And you use them all regularly? and I thought I was a heavy user :/
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    I don't have full pages, just a bunch of them.

    1 - My most frequently contacted and ICE contact shortcuts using LaunchPoint.
    2 - My most used apps - Checkbook, YouView, TimePiece, Feeds, WeatherNow, Pocket Mirror, What's for Dinner.
    3 - Web, Camera, Photos, Videos, Music(Remix), Calendar, Messaging, Google Maps, Classic Notes
    4 - Games - Doom, Spades, Presteroids, Aces Solitar, Precell, Snake
    5 - Friendsbook, PictureIt, Glad That's Not Me, Mapping Tool, Los Angeles Times, Free Books
    6 - Engadget, Evernote, Twee, Google Calendar
    7 - Active Card, bWeather, Classic
    8 - Preware, App Catalog, fileCoaster, Updates, PreUpdate, AutoCorrectEdit, internalz
    9 - YouTube, Sprint Nav, Sprint, Calculator, PDFView, SprintTV, Tasks, Memos, DocView, JSTop, Switcheroo Free, BatterySaver
    10 - the REST

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