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    Sorry... wasn't sure what thread this was under already...

    I loaded the WebOS Install program... (which I had before this stupid 1.3.5 update messed me up. My fault though, should have read the install directions here on first) Anyways... I had the program installed before the update and everything was great. I even had the Preware loaded onto my phone... I was in business.

    After I downloaded the 1.3.5 update that's when things went bad... well... mainly the Preware app was non-accessible afterwards. No problem right? Just uninstall and re-install right?? Not that simple. I did so with no avail... mainly because you must install the Preware off the WebOS Install program.

    Well... my WebOS program was no longer giving me the drop down menu... you know the third button down in the program w/the blue arrow... to re-install the Preware package. So I uninstalled both the WebOS Doctor and Install programs and re-installed them.

    I am having the same problem. It will not let me access the drop down menu in the WebOS Install, so now I can not re-install Preware.

    I even did a partial reset on the phone thinking maybe I had to uninstall the patches and themes I had already loaded on the phone.

    I've heard that Preware can be installed through Preload... but in the homebrew app page the description mentions this is not possible.

    I'm looking for options and help!!!

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    ALSO wanted to note... everything else downloads fine when downloaded from the Homebrew App section here in no problems downloading into the Web OS Installer and then to the phone... EXCEPT FOR PREWARE!!!
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    You have to install the new Package Manager Service for it to work on 1.3.5. Download the newer version of WebOS Quick Install, then reinstall Package Manager Service by going to download-WebOS Internals (all).
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