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    how can i wake from an alarm and perform a background task without a card
    stage or UI and go back to sleep.

    It looks like alarm service uses the application manager to launch the application and in the handleLaunch function in app-assistant, I am not able to figure out how to prevent a card stage from showing up. (my main stage shows all the time) I tried handling the parameter passed to the handlelaunch and just return doing nothing, but still the ui shows up.

    your help is much appreciated.
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    You need to set "noWindow" to true in the appinfo.json. Search for "noWindow" on the Palm dev site for more details. Then you need to create the stage manually with the createStageWithCallback call.

    When you wake up an app via an alarm, you'll need to call activityStart to keep the app alive while you perform the task. Then call activityEnd to let the app die once the task is complete.
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    thanks, that worked. !

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