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    I was curious if it would be possible to create a version of the flashcard application Mnemosyne for webOS-- I've seen some other flashcard apps, but none like Mnemosyne. Anyone think this is doable?
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    what features does it have that Flashcards in the app catalog doesn't have? I reviewed the app here and found it to be quite good.

    Also, I know the developer of that app belongs to these forums so maybe try talking to him about what features you want to see
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    What specific features would you like to see? As kmax12 pointed out, there is FlashCards for webOS, but I am always looking for great new ideas.
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    i do like the existing flashcard program, i actually used it before using Mnemosyne.the main reason i would like this app is becasue i have hundreds of flashcards that i don't want to remake one my phone. it would be great if there were some way to move my cards over to my phone. or at least some easier way than remaking them.
    I know many people use Mnemosyne to study other languages which, i am not sure if they do or not, show properly. (for example if i had Japanese flashcards they may not work properly)
    Actually just checked out the review for flash cards and i am going to start using them much more. did not know about the tool for making flashcards.
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    Yeah, the online tools kind of help extend it to new levels. If you have issues importing from your current format, please email or PM me with the files. Would like to look it over and see if I can make the process a bit easier.

    Most non-western languages work great. There is a few 'limitations' however, as the Pre does not support a few languages (Greek, Hebrew). Other than this, it works like a charm. The Online Tools and App are all non-western ready.
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    I've looked into Mnemosyne and it has a nifty export feature. You can easily export from the App to a Tab Delimited Question & Answer file. You can then take the data from this and import it into the Online Tools for FlashCards.

    If anyone wants to convert their stuff, email me and I'll work with you to do this.

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