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    I was looking at the bar assistant.jsjsjs $trying$ $to$ $find$ $a$ $way$ $to$ $shut$ $off$ $the$ $power$ $off$ $sound$ $and$ $I$ $ran$ $across$ $several$ $references$ $to$ $voice$ $dialing$.
    line 3000 this.audioVoiceDialingNotificationSession = new Mojo.Service.Request('palm://', {
    line 3036 handleVoiceDialingAudioNotifications: function(payload) {
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    This looks interesting as well
    voice dialing back speaker txt
    voice dialing bluetooth sco.txt
    voice dialing front speaker txt
    voice dialing headset. txt
    voice dialing headset mic.txt
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    Thanks for digging guys! Looks like with alot of the news coming out lately, Palm has some BIG moves planned.... ONLY thing that can kill the parade is an announcement of an Apple tablet. Any major news from APPLE will cover just about all headlines across the net....smh
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    My guess is that Palm will make these announcements at CES this week, and Apple will make theirs at the Apple event later. This means we will at leats get a couple of weeks of news.

    I think Apple is very smart about doing their event after CES and not even showing up there. They let all the hype go to other companies for a short period of time, then they take all the news for themselves for a longer period of time with no competition to counteract them. CES has turned from a retail buyer/press event to a ridiculous show of look at what we can do anyway.

    Hopefully the press that Palm gets from this event will be big enough to last through the Apple press event. The announcment of the Pre and WebOS was enough last year.
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    It sure looks that way. Good catch!
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