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    Do you know what I think would be nice? An app that really manages patches. I know what you are thinking, "preware, duh!" but it just installs or uninstalls them and tells you which you have.

    But what if patches were a little more sophisticated. Take the top bar for example. There are half a dozen or more patches with every variation of font and text color. Also, a handful of patches to indicate which radio on/off controls to add to the top menu. And the list goes on and on, just for the top menu!

    The same can be said for the launcher, and most of the apps.

    What if, instead of lots of patches, there was one patch (or maybe one for each app, or other grouping that makes sense) and an app that can configure the patches. This all assumes that global variables are available but it could be a simple matter of wrapping our favorite patches in an if statement and using the "configuration app" to save preferences.

    For example, in the configuration app, top bar font size could be set to 17, the color blue, the date could be toggled yes, as well as the power level as percent toggled yes, or no. The patch code would be aware of these settings and configure accordingly.

    This would be much simpler to manipulate. One app to rule them all!

    Adding new functionality would require patching the patch and updating the app.

    Pros and cons?
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    I had actually imagined a very similar app. I think this would be very cool, but I have no idea how hard it would be to create. However, what I do know is this more of a luxury type app that won't add additional functionality just ease of use. I know webos-internals is working hard on other things so I don't know if this would be worth their time.

    But, if someone is willing to take this on, I would use it.

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