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    After 1.3.5 update, I have been having a weird issue with uninstalling applications, specifically "WHERE" and "Flashlight". I uninstalled both applications, but whenever I restart luna or restart the phone, those applications would come back on my pre. I tried to uninstall them both through WebOSQI and from app list, but no luck.
    Another issue that I noticed is that the current version of WHERE is v 1.1.0, but whenever this app comes back after the restart, it goes back to v 1.0.0 and gives me the update notification whenever I open the app catalog.
    One more issue... the package manager service is shown as 0.9.25 in App Catalog under installed applications, however it shows as 0.9.27 in WebOSQI. Not sure exactly what the issue is...

    Does anybody have any suggestions other than doctoring?
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    I thought I would reply to this even though I don't have an answer to your question. I was going to ask what the best way to uninstall apps is? Is uninstalling an app using the orange button + tap the same as going into Preware or WebOSQI and removing it that better?
    I kind of compare this to microsoft windows and using the uninstall function instead of simply deleting the icon.

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