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    After talking with Zsoc and doing a little experimenting, I have a simple script that will allow unlimited audio recording.

    Terminal on WebOS

    1. Open Terminal on WebOS (or through your PC) and you should be at
    2. Type "vi"
    3. In Vi, press i (in order to edit the file)
    3. Input the script provided below
    4. Press "orange + space" to exit edit mode (or esc on PC)
    5. Save the script by typing ":wq" and enter
    6. Run the script by entering " sh 1"
    7. Quit recording by pressing "sym + c"
    8. File is saved at /media/internal/ as audiotest_(number).aac (aka USB drive)

    Note: You can change the "1" in the execute command to change the filename or it will overwrite.
    Ex. sh 2 = audiotest_2.aac

    Terminal will output some warnings, but that is be alright.

    GST_DEBUG=2 /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/org.webosinternals.gstservice/bin/gst-launch -e alsasrc ! audio/x-raw-int,rate=22050 ! queue ! palmaudioencoder encoding=0 enable=true ! filesink location=/media/internal/audiotest_$1.aac
    I know that Precorder can record audio, but it's limited to 2 minutes before it goes corrupt. I know this is a little much, but it's the idea that counts first.

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    Any way this will be made into an app like rwhitby did with the doom so we didn't have to type out the information?
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    +1 for a separate audio recording app
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